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It wont let me download either

Won't download says download error

Worth every penny! I look forward to seeing what's next! :)

Hello! Which engine you're used in development?

Unreal Engine 4! :)

Cool! How to contact you by email? :) I think I got an offer for you!

What about Twitter? @AllTimeEmma95

cant install on windows 10...

Really enjoyed this game. Lots of little hidden things that really made me laugh when I saw them, and just reminded me a lot of high school. Would love to see more from ya too!

Is this compatable w/ windows 8? When i press install, nothing happens

do you have a 32 bit download I could use?? my PC is 32 bit. thanks ^^

Such a fun little game! The ending confused me a little bit, did it freeze?

The game was really good despite a lack of background songs or much really any ambiant sounds other than the bell, doors, lights to fill in the void. Made a video, hope you like it

Can someone tell me what happened at the end ? lol nice game doe :D

This had me jump a little XD

It was interesting! Really deep, and presented a unique problem for the player to solve. Though, for a moment I thought it was a horror game T_T Glad to see I was wrong...I don't do horror well.

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps bring attention to your game!

I'm a bit dissapointed that there is no sound effects (like steps), but overall I had a lot of fun! Good Job!

Here's part 2

your welcome

Deleted post

Have you tried restarting your computer or restarting the page?

This game was awesome! I loved finding out the bits of the story for myself through exploration and just reading anything  I could. Really great ending, and lovely story! 

When I click install nothing happens. It starts downloading then just stops

This was so good! I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into, but the story just expanded beautifully. Loved every second of it, great narrative and fantastic design =)

Keep up the awesome work!

wont download on my windows 8.1

Oh, that's not good I will look into this. Thanks for reporting! :)

I liked it! Did a full walkthrough with thoughts. 


I can't download the game

Click the 'Download' button and it should take you to google drive - there will be an icon to download at the top right-hand corner! :)

Had to upload the game via google drive as the file size is too large for 

Wow! Real strong Life is Strange vibes here (and I love LiS)! Great story too!

Why thank you! :D

hey how long is this game approx?

It depends how thoroughly you explore the environment but roughly somewhere between 15 - 35 minutes! :)