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Recollect is a narrative-driven walking simulator with a text-adventure twist, developed as my honours project at Abertay University. Inspired by the supernatural mysteries of shows such as Stranger Things, along with the unique storytelling methods of games such as Firewatch and Gone Home, the game sees players embody Sam, a teenager, as she becomes entangled in a decades-old mystery regarding the disappearance of a prior student at her high school. Players explore the high school environment, unravelling two narratives simultaneously – the primary linearly through dialogue interaction with Kim - the missing student, the secondary non linearly through environmental exploration.

With shades of Y2K and The Chinese Room argument, the game aims to subvert player expectations through atmosphere and the synthesis of disparate interaction systems; text-adventure and 3D first person exploration. The game aims to develop character relationships solely through the use text-based dialogue; the player interacting with a non-player-character entirely through an outdated computer system within the game world.



E - Interact

LEFT CLICK - Choose Dialogue Option


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It wont let me download either

Won't download says download error

Worth every penny! I look forward to seeing what's next! :)

Hello! Which engine you're used in development?

Unreal Engine 4! :)

Cool! How to contact you by email? :) I think I got an offer for you!

What about Twitter? @AllTimeEmma95

cant install on windows 10...

Really enjoyed this game. Lots of little hidden things that really made me laugh when I saw them, and just reminded me a lot of high school. Would love to see more from ya too!

Is this compatable w/ windows 8? When i press install, nothing happens

do you have a 32 bit download I could use?? my PC is 32 bit. thanks ^^

Such a fun little game! The ending confused me a little bit, did it freeze?

The game was really good despite a lack of background songs or much really any ambiant sounds other than the bell, doors, lights to fill in the void. Made a video, hope you like it

Can someone tell me what happened at the end ? lol nice game doe :D

This had me jump a little XD

It was interesting! Really deep, and presented a unique problem for the player to solve. Though, for a moment I thought it was a horror game T_T Glad to see I was wrong...I don't do horror well.

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps bring attention to your game!

I'm a bit dissapointed that there is no sound effects (like steps), but overall I had a lot of fun! Good Job!

Here's part 2

your welcome

Deleted 1 year ago

Have you tried restarting your computer or restarting the page?

This game was awesome! I loved finding out the bits of the story for myself through exploration and just reading anything  I could. Really great ending, and lovely story! 

When I click install nothing happens. It starts downloading then just stops

This was so good! I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into, but the story just expanded beautifully. Loved every second of it, great narrative and fantastic design =)

Keep up the awesome work!

wont download on my windows 8.1

Oh, that's not good I will look into this. Thanks for reporting! :)

I liked it! Did a full walkthrough with thoughts. 


I can't download the game

Click the 'Download' button and it should take you to google drive - there will be an icon to download at the top right-hand corner! :)

Had to upload the game via google drive as the file size is too large for itch.io 

Wow! Real strong Life is Strange vibes here (and I love LiS)! Great story too!

Why thank you! :D

hey how long is this game approx?

It depends how thoroughly you explore the environment but roughly somewhere between 15 - 35 minutes! :)